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Ring Materials

How is Tungsten Carbide different than other materials like gold and titanium?

Am I going to have an allergic reaction?

What's the deal with Black Tungsten rings?

Tell me more about your Ceramic rings.

Ring Width and Size & Engraving

How are ring width and size different?

What is engraving and how do I add it to my ring?

Shipping & Pricing

How can you guarantee me the best prices?

What is the purchase and shipping process like with Tungsten Craft?

I've received a tracking number from you, but it says the tracking is not active?

When will my ring be delivered?


What is I order the wrong size ring?

What happens if my finger size changes in the future?

What is this 100% Extended Lifetime Warranty you keep speaking of?

But I had my ring engraved!! What happens now?

I want a different ring from what I ordered and received.


I want to return my ring for a refund.


What is this 100% Lifetime Warranty you keep speaking of?