About Us

Tungsten carbide and ceramic rings have recently seen a huge jump in popularity. (no wonder - they're more beautiful, way longer lasting, and more affordable than alternatives) The market has been flooded with thousands of thousands of generic designs from disreputable sellers - the customer services and warranties left a lot to be desired.

Getting Married
Well, we got married in the middle of that all. We were left with utter frustration as we had trouble navigating through the thousands of boring rings, with inflated prices, by companies that didn't look trustworthy.

After that experience, we thought about what we went through - and decided that we could do better. Instead of the tens thousands of low quality designs, we sat down and really filtered down the essence of tungsten carbide/ceramic to just a few rings with amazingly innovative and beautiful designs and the very top of the line build and material quality.

Tungsten Craft is Born
But we weren't done. We wanted to make sure that our customers would have the best experience before and AFTER the sale. After pricing our rings as best as we could (compare us to everybody else - we also have a price match guarantee!), we thought about how to provide the best after sale experience, and decided that an extensive, 100% lifetime warranty was the only way to put our customers' minds at ease, the way we'd have liked it back when we were buying our rings!

We hope you'll enjoy shopping at Tungsten Craft. Call us or contact us any time if you have any suggestions!


Steve & Hannah