Lifetime Warranty & Exchanges & Returns

Tungsten Craft is quite possibly the most customer-friendly jewelry store on the Internet. We have gone to great lengths to ensure the absolute satisfaction of our customers. That means we want to give you the best shopping experience. We want to give you the lowest prices. We want to give you the most comprehensive exchanges policy. We want to give you the most incredible warranty. And we can!


Tungsten Craft Lifetime Warranty, Exchanges, and Resizing

The moment you buy a ring from us, you are automatically covered under what is one of the most comprehensive warranties to ever grace the jewelry market. This warranty is lifetime and it will never expire. It covers literally everything (except what's considered normal wear and tear) and that includes even accidents and breaks.

This also covers finger size changes, i.e. resizing. In any case mentioned above, under the warranty, you can simply return the ring and get a new one from us. If we no longer make that style, we will do our best to send you a new ring that's as close to the original ring as possible.

Time limit: None
Frequency limit: None. Even if your finger size changes, or you are unlucky and your ring keeps breaking (which won't happen), we will send you a new ring. Every single time, forever.

Engravings: Yes, you can return and exchange engraved rings, even if they're engraved by a third party! Keep in mind that if you want your new ring to be re-engraved, we will have to charge another engraving fee ($19.95)

What is Not Covered

Most of our rings are tungsten carbide or ceramic throughout. Both of those materials are extremely scratch resistant - but they aren't scratch proof. While it's one of the hardest materials known to men, there are harder materials than tungsten carbide (such as diamonds) as evidenced by the fact that we are able to shape and polish tungsten carbide (only possible with the help of harder materials). 

In addition, our black and other color tungsten carbide rings are actually coated by black titanium zirconium, which is essentially a plating. This means that these rings, while still hard to scratch, are not as scratch resistant as regular tungsten carbide or ceramic rings.

One more thing to note - the substances we use to keep the inlays in place are not as scratch resistant as the metals and ceramics, so this should be kept in mind if you have a lifestyle that could cause your ring to get scratched.

Scratches are not covered under our lifetime warranty. However, for a very small fee of $20, we can re-polish tungsten carbide and ceramic rings, and re-plate black tungsten rings - they will be as shiny and spotless as they were the first day!


Tungsten Craft 40-Day Returns Policy

Within 40 days of your purchase, you can return your ring for a full refund, period, no questions asked. You can even return the ring if it was engraved! (However, in that case, we won't be able to refund the engraving fee. Also please keep in mind you are responsible for the shipping costs for returning the ring to us.)

In addition, within the first 40 days you can exchange your ring for any other ring you want - if the ring you want is cheaper, we'll refund you the difference, if it's more expensive, you'll be asked to pay the difference. Couple things to note about this, just to keep in mind:

- Since we can't refund the engraving fees, if your original ring was engraved and you want to exchange it for another engraved ring, we will need to charge you $19.95 for the new engraving.

- We understand you might want to try out a bunch of our rings to see which one you like best - they're all amazing, after all. However, in that case, a stocking fee of 15% will be applied to your refund. This is only the case if you are returning  2 or more rings, i.e. if you have bought 4 rings, have picked the one you liked best, and now want to return 3 of them.

- The vast majority of rings we receive are eligible for their refunds, but if the ring looks like it has an obvious amount of wear & tear on it, or if it looks like it has been abused, we will not be able to process the return. In that case, we will send you your ring back.

- Between you sending us the ring back, the ring being delivered to us, being inspected and approval for refund by us, us giving the bank the order to refund your money, and the bank actually refunding your money - the whole process can take from 2 to 4 weeks.


Please go to our contact page to initiate your return!