Ring Width Guide

Ring Width vs. Ring Size

Don't confuse ring width with ring size! Ring size is the diameter of the ring, and will depend on your finger size. If you got a ring the wrong size, it might be too tight, or too loose.

Ring width is on the other hand is how 'long' the ring is along your finger. It's more of a personal preference - it's completely about how big you want the ring to look on your hand!


Good Way To Visualize Ring Width

One U.S. nickel is about 2mm thick. So, if you wonder how wide an 6mm ring is, simply find 3 nickels somewhere and stack them together!


Which Ring Width Do Men Get?

On average, men (who don't have a specific taste for extra wide rings) usually go for 6mm or 8mm rings. Men with big hands however, sometimes choose the wider 10mm rings instead. Our extra wide rings collection is really a matter of preference - these are 12mm and 20mm wide rings - some people really like the bold statement such wide rings make! 


Which Ring Width Do Women Get?

Again this is a matter of preference, but most women go for 2mm or 4mm rings. Women with smaller hands usually tend to go for the 2mm route so the ring won't look as big on their hands.

However, we have many women who get 6mm, 8mm, or even 10mm rings. This is all a matter of personal preference! Sometimes you see a Tungsten Craft ring, and it doesn't come in 4mm, so you get 6mm. Easy as that!


To Sum It Up...

There are absolutely no hard rules about ring widths - if we offer different widths for the model you like at the same ring size, it's entirely up to you which width you want to go with. Stacking nickels should give you a very good idea about how each width would look on your finger, and you can go from there!