Tungsten Carbide / Ceramic Rings

Tungsten (W) is a metal. Just by itself, it's one of the strongest metals, but when it's mixed with carbon to form the Tungsten Carbide allow, it becomes easily one of the hardest substances known to men.
Jewelry grade Tungsten Carbide is 4x harder than titanium, 2x harder than steel, and 10x harder than gold. It's almost scratch proof - much, much harder to scratch than other ring materials.

Tungsten vs. Titanium
Compared to another jewelry metal, Titanium, Tungsten comes easily on top because of its superior hardness, resilience, and strength. One matter of preference is ring weight - most people prefer their rings with a little bit of weight and heft in them. Titanium is very light, so it does not provide that heft.

Tungsten Carbide's Legendary Hardness
Tungsten Carbide is one of the hardest substances known to man, and definitely the hardest alloy. It's so hard that only a few other substances can even work on it - such as diamonds.

Black Tungsten Rings
Tungsten carbide is naturally silvery white. Some of our customers however, like rings of different color (such as black) while still maintaining the resilience and strength of tungsten carbide.
We employ a method called Vapor Deposition to coat the top layer of the ring with black titanium zirconium to achieve this. This is a very high-tech process where the layer is coated atom by atom. The end result is great - it's spotless, and even if it's a coating it's still hard to scratch, but not as hard to scratch as our regular tungsten carbide rings.
Our ceramic rings are also extremely hard and scratch resistant! If you have an active lifestyle and want a black (or pink) ring, we usually suggest ceramic rings instead of black tungsten - the reason is simple: Black ceramic and pink ceramic is the same color throughout, and you don't have to worry about the coating wearing off over time!